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Crazy Santa Definitely knows How To Drink And Hack Your Hangover

Party freaks will definitely enjoy this article. So here are santa’s secret tips assimilated over years of travelling over the world, to hack your hangover. 

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1. The spicy mango salad – Hangover hacks

First of all the spicy mango salad. This recipe is quite popular on tropical islands. Santa discovered this one in mauritius. It is well know that during a hangover you struggle to eat anything. Your stomach will just easily accept this one and help you feel better.

2. Drink another beer

Yes you heard it right. While most of us don’t want to see alcohol during a hangover. Drinking a pint of cold beer will restart your professional drunker’s system. Remember i said only 1 pint lol!

Credits: Wil Stewart

3. Boiled noodles with sea fruits

These boiled noodle plates are typical from mauritius island and are served with seafruits or octopus. You will make the plenty of energy with this one and feel much better after your long drunken nights. If you want to find these tasty plates if you ever visit the island, these are know as <>.

You can also prepare these at your own place, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, crazy Santa will ocasionally share the awesome recipes he acquires.

4. Water

Hey obviously we can’t skip this one. Water is life. Make sure you rehydrate yourself properly during a hangover. You obviously don’t want to feel sick for the next 2 days.

Else maybe get yourself burried?

Santa came up to an Irish Folklore which said that the cure to hangover was to bury the ailing person up to the neck in moist river sand. Of course this is not recommended lol, just a bit of fun to put a smile on your face this morning.

So to sum it up. The best ways to ease the hangover pain are listed up there. Of course there are no magic remedy. Noteworthy just put these into practice and it will definitely reduce the price to pay for partying too hard lol.


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