Neymar Junior praise – Manchester united is a big club

Neymar’s high spirits

Before his latest injury the PSG star Neymar Jr seemed on a small cloud. The Brazilian admitted that he was more happy than ever to be back and be able to play again.

I was very happy when i came to the club, the supporters gave me a very warm welcome. Later i suffered from an injury, probably the worst of my career and now i’m happy.

Questions by Marquinos and statement about Manchester United

Teammate and compatriot Marquinos asked Neymar what are his objectives for this season.

Listen Marquinos my objectives are the same as yours. It’s to win everything. Take everything, most importantly the Champion’s league, it’s the dream of every player. We know it’s very difficult and complicated but our team can achieve this. We have players of great quality, so we can allow ourselves to aim for the stars.

Neymar also admitted that they are on the right path and that it will be a very good match against Manchester United for those who like football. Laudatory about the club, he said “we are happy to play against big teams”. Unfortunately not knowing at that time that another injury would obstruct his ambition. To recall, the player went out injured against strasbourg the last 23 january forcing him to miss the double confrontation against Manchester United. It’s the fourth consecutive year that he is injured at the same period of time.  

What does the PSG need to win the champion’s league?

Difficult to say. We need to grow up at the right moment of the competition. And the right moment is now. Thus, everyone needs to be prepared and be one on the physical aspect, not only to attack but also defend effectively, that’s the most important.

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